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City of Pocologan.


City of Halifax.


City of Bolton

Durham County.

City of Bloomfield.

City of Bracebridge.

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City of Georgina.

City of Guelph.

City of Granton.

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City of Hawkesbury.

City of Keswick.


City of Lambeth.

City of Leskard.

City of Lifford/Bethany

City of Lindsay.


Village of Lowville.

City of Malton

City of Manitoulin Island.

City of Millbrook.

City of Mississauga

City of Mount Pleasant.

City of Port Sandfield.

City of New Brunswick.

City of Oakwood.

City of Norval.

  • Oshawa. Octagon house. Located at 34 Lloyd Street, Durham Region. Built 1868. Now gone. Erected by Thomas Kirkland, the clapboard octagon here was 2 stories with a deeply pitched roof. According to an 1868 newspaper article, the architect, Hiram Robert Barber was an octagon house advocate in the area. It had four paned windows. There were 2 main downstairs rooms with triangular half cupboards. At some point the back wall was squared off for an addition. In 1965 it was owned by Mr. and Mrs. John West. Subject to wood rot due to the sawdust insulation in the walls, it was razed June 28, 1968 despite attempts to save it. Horribly it was demolished for a parking lot.

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    Sources: Ellen Puerzer. Tara Lember, M.A., Archivist. Oshawa Community Museum & Archives. Sonya Jones, Curatorial Assistant/Curator of the Thomas Bouchley Collection. The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa.
    Entered: May, 2010.
    Updated: June, 2010
    Updated: May, 2014
  • City of Peterborough.

    City of Tollendale.

    Bruce County.

    Essex County

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    Norfolk county

    Northumberland county

    Oxford County.

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    City of Sackville.

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    Regional Municipality of Niagra

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    Lotbiniere County.

    Lotbiniere County.

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